100% Bad Debt Protection

Why use 100% bad debt protection?

You can never underestimate the effect that bad debts can have on your business’ bottom line. Our 100% bad debt protection works alongside, and complements, our invoice finance products (online invoice discounting and factoring), providing your business with complete cover should any of your credit approved customers become insolvent.

Bad debt protection offers a day-to-day credit management service and real peace of mind, enabling you to operate secure in the knowledge that you are completely covered should you need to call on it.

Features and benefits headline:

1. 100% cover on credit approved accounts compared to 90% indemnity from many trade credit insurers  
2. Replaces cash flow that would have been lost as a result of bad debt  
3. Allows a business to trade in confidence
4. Access to our very experienced credit team

Avoid the stress of bad debts

With 100% bad debt protection from our Commercial Finance, you will also receive experienced credit support. Our team will work closely with you to assess the risks associated with both your new and existing customer-base to help you reduce the effect of any potential bad debt. You’ll be in better control of your exposure as well as enjoying 100% bad debt protection on all credit approved customers. contact us for further details