Business savings

At a glance:

Save from $50,000 to $5 million per account
Interest is calculated daily and paid twice a year
Add to your deposit at any time up to the maximum balance of $5 million
One account per depositor permitted
Available to registered companies, institutions and registered charities
Local authorities, trusts, individual and pension deposits (SIPP/SSAS) are not eligible
**This is a limited offer, subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time without notice
A minimum balance of $50,000 must be maintained at all times

How does the BNA work?

Our Business Notice Account is based on a standard notice account, offering 12 months notice. On the day we receive instruction telling us that you would like to withdraw funds from the Business Notice Account, the relevant sum will be transferred out of the Business Notice Account and placed on a 12 month fixed term deposit account at the prevailing deposit rate for a 12 month fixed term time period (a period which is equal to the Business Notice Account notice period). See the rates table above. The remaining balance will continue to receive interest at the Business Notice Account rate, providing the balance remains at, or above $50,000.

1. Managed rate refers to a rate that we can change at any time. Such changes may be made without notice if the change is favourable to you. However, we must give you at least 2 months written notice of any reduction in rate.

2. The interest rate is fixed for the term of the account. No early access is permitted.

3. Interest rates paid on the fixed term deposits (for funds placed on notice) are reviewed weekly on a Monday.
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